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VOLTERRE-FR lists electronic publications of interest to teachers of English as a foreign or second language.

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Mr. Hodge's Classroom page with a lot of helpful links will help you through the year. Enjoy!

Have a look at this address, for a series of links about Distance Education, English and Writing.

How to Teach Language with Fun and gamesIt's always difficult to find new and interesting material to use in the classroom. Now you never have to be under-prepared again!

Planning to take a language course at home or abroad? Visit EF Education's new website. EF is the world's largest private educational institution, with programs for ages six and up in nearly 40 countries worldwide!

A nursery room of the virtual Dreamhouse with Mother Goose, Nursery Rhymes, and Children's Songs

Mother Goose Goes Electronic

The Seagull Guide on the most efficient ways to study a foreign language.

The Virtual English Language Center with some useful links for students of English brought to you by the Comenius group.

English Resources on the WWW

Webber Gate with a number of links to the teaching resources of English and wonderful ESL games.

Diversity--Resources for K-12 teachers Teachers looking for ways to incorporate more diversity into their curricula can browse through this extensive list of resources to find information on everything from the Amish to the Pygmies of Zaire.

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New York Times Fax

The Washington Post includes the full text of the daily edition, plus news from the 50 states, a daily congressional calendar, and over 1000 pages of links to news, reference and Web sites for over 200 countries around the world. Features include movie reviews, book reviews (along with selected first chapters of books), links to over fifteen online comic strips, and sports features. A searchable archive of the previous two weeks papers is available and, in the near future, an archive from 1986 to the present will be available. There are also several chat rooms on various subjects ranging from business to local Washington, DC issues. Web site is completely free.
Site index

USA Today

is slated to include daily news and features, coverage of movies and entertainment, a computers and technology section, a special section devoted to Southern California sights and events, classified advertising, and chat boards. The site will be free. A fee based site will also be available, with access to Times' archives, as well as educational and research services.

The Chicago Sun Times Web site

Calling itself "a left center of gravity magazine of ideas," the Boston Review brings its bimonthly magazine to the Internet with this web site. The site includes the full text of the past three volumes of the magazine, prominent links to the most popular articles, and a comprehensive author index. Contributions range from highly topical articles (abortion, taxes) to interviews and "meditations," and, of course, include many reviews of current poetry, fiction, and books. "Past Hits from the Review" offers a selection of important features, fiction and reviews from recent issues.

The Hollywood Reporter, a film, television, and music trade magazine, has established a Web site which offers the magazine's content plus a selective, well-organized collection of links to industry resource sites. The Web magazine is published 5 days a week and headlines and news briefs are updated as needed during the course of the day.

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Musical English Lessons International

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English Writing Lessons (currently under construction)

Recommended Sac Materials (CALL- Computer Assisted Language Learning

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Welcome to the English as a Second Language Home Page. This home page is a starting point for ESL learners who want to learn English through the World Wide Web. Many people have created ESL learning materials for the Web. This home page links you to those ESL sites and other interesting places. The variety of materials will allow you to choose something appropriate for yourself.