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Teachers helping Teachers, provided by a California middle school instructor, provides ideas and tips in the form of lesson plans and classroom activities. The content has been submitted by teachers for teachers. The site is designed to be an aid to teachers in K through 12, and provides ideas for classroom management, language arts, math, science, social studies, the arts, and special education. In addition, there is a topic of the week, and a selected list of other educational pointers in various subjects.

Possibilities! Integrating the Internet into the Secondary Science Classroom, a Web site created by a longtime Seattle, Washington area science and math teacher, attempts to help secondary science teachers exploit the Internet for teaching purposes.

C-EDRES is a moderated educational resource mailing list for educators. It provides announcements and reviews three times a week on a variety of sites of interest to educators. All levels of sites from all subject areas are reviewed. A web site describing the list and offering searches and FTP instructions is also available.
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consists of Internet resources--lesson plans, activities, curriculum resources--linked with the corresponding subject-area content standards. Also included are other links to assist teachers with using the Internet in the classroom, such as a direct link to the Lycos search engine. Each week there is posted a few of these samples, which illustrate the supplemental education resources available to teachers online. The web sites and other resources chosen have been created, maintained, and/or recommended by educators.

Classroom Connect Educational Links with pointers and guides to educational resources on the Web. Link to software and info of interest and benefit to the K-12 set.

Email Classroom Exchange (ECE) helps classrooms to meet, correspond and interact with other classrooms through the Internet. Users can freely search, browse and contact classrooms listed in our growing online database. In addition, users can add or submit a profile of their own classroom to ECE. Profiles include a description of the classroom's interests, geographical location, grade, language, student age group, home page URL (if available), and an email contact address for obtaining further information.

EdWeb is a site dealing with educational reform. Voted by "NetGuide Magazine" as one of the 50 best places to go online, EdWeb offers insightful ideas about improving education in schools around the world with the help of online services such as the Web. Site includes some links to a number of worthy home pages.

Special education site, which has been developed by professionals from the University of Virginia, is informative on all levels. This well-structured site provides viewers with a very clear and concise overview of the history of special education, the laws, availability of online medical journals, definitions of disabilities, and resources to further the understanding of such disabilities. The site also provides support and ideas for disabled people, their parents, family and friends as they adjust to the lifestyle.
One great link is Intervention Techniques. This link provides educators with resources to help adjust the classroom setting and the teaching curriculum in all subject areas for a disabled person.

Proceedings of Sixth Annual Internet Society Conference (INET'96) (follow link from home page). The proceedings of the sixth annual conference of the Internet Society (INET'96), including over 150 papers, are available at the ISOC web site. Main topics of the conference, held in Montreal, Quebec, consist of "Internet Applications and Services," "Transforming Internet Commerce and Reshaping the Marketplace," "Internet Learning and Teaching," "Networking Technology Frontiers," "Internet and Social Transformations"

The Education Place A great place for educators! Many curriculia areas such as Math Center; Reading / Language Arts Center; Social Studies Center are featured. Has Link Library; Project Center; Kid's Summer Clubhouse; and Parent's Place.

VolcanoWorld is primarily aimed at teaching school age children, therefore lesson plans for teachers are provided at our site as well as interactive lessons that can be completed right on the web. We also work hard to make our users visit fun and entertaining by providing Java based games about volcanoes.

MacGillicuddy Monster's "Under the Apple Tree" A web site for children ages 5 to 10. It features a monthly story of Christian content, in which MacGillicuddy learns something about God. Other pages include a word search puzzle based on the story of the month, a page of jokes and riddles, featuring content submitted by kids, photos of MacGillicuddy, and art work drawn by kids and posted in Mac's Art Gallery. The purpose is a fun place to be, with positive content.

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site This is a collection of reviews of great books for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom and collections of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes and professional topics. This site is bursting with ideas for teachers, librarians, home schoolers and parents about integrating various areas of the curriculum.

"ZIA" Interesting site which covers a vast array to topics. Claims to screen links and information so that it's safe for kids to use. Check this one out!

Web 66: International WWW School Registry Lists schools all over the world that have a homepage. If you are interested in connecting to other schools for a project, this is the place to start!

Pathways to School Improvement A very complete site for educators! Check this one out!

Internet Lesson Plans Lesson plans have been set up for classroom use and are designed to: Teach something about the Internet ; teach how to use the Internet; and teach something by using information gained from the Internet. Many of the lessons are adaptable to the age group of the students in your classroom. Other lessons will be more suitable for experienced Internet users.

Integrating the Internet by Susan Hixson Very good source for educators! Includes hundreds of primary resources, projects, a weekly newsletter, and complete units of study.

Eric's Education Resource Education resource website with links to the following: general resources, math and science, literature, the arts, health and physical educaton, newspapers, politics, and social sciences.

Pitsco Guide To Technology Education The leader in innovative technology education, they provide you with leadership through the latest products in technology education, commitment to serving your needs and providing you with new ideas.

The Games of Riddler A link of Kidnet with daily riddles, an internet search for prizes, three levels of crossword play for single and multiple players, a multi-player trivia game; and good critical thinking word games.

State of the Earth It gives you a weekly updated view of what happened on our Planet!
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Full Circle, contains free, online k-12 courseware. Current titles are "The Greenhouse Effect" and "Writing Every Day." Each title is a complete learning module.

FREE NEW K-12 MUSIC CATALOG! Musical plays, classroom resources, recordings, videos, books, teaching aids, music software, CD-rom. The Adventures of Hip-O This purple hippopotamus takes young kids on various adventures.