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For teachers looking for new ideas, for parents and for kids who would like to try some new activities (and learn something along the way) Houghton Mifflin offers the Education Place. This web site includes a Math Center, a Reading/Language Arts Center, and a Social Studies Center. Each Center has activities, links to related web resources, suggestions for reading, and resources for teachers. Throughout the site are ideas for parents and kids, as well as resources that specifically instruct teachers on how to enrich their curricula.
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Kidsource Online is an extensive collection of information about raising children from newborns to adolescents. A sampling of the publications they've pulled together at the site includes "Children and Bilingualism" from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association; "Testing Your Child's Hearing" by Carol Knightly, Pediatric Audiologist; and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) Provides Tips to Help Parents and Kids Cope with Allergy Season. Resources are organized under top-level categories of Newborns, Toddlers, Preschoolers, K-12, Education, Health, Recreation, Forums, Organizations, and Guide to Best Software, among others.

The Internet Kids Yellow Pages Web site is a companion to the recently released book, but stands on its own as a resource for kids and their parents, teachers, and care-givers. Produced by librarian Jean Armour Polly with the help of an experienced research team, The Internet Kids Yellow Pages offers sites which have been thoroughly researched and elected with care and respect for children.

Learning on the Internet

G.TEK Cyber School
This site features a demonstration of how whole lessons about physics can be conducted through the Internet, a true Cyber School. On the technical side, our technology uses netscape plugins (which you must first download - you will recieve instructions on site) and incorporates high level of content designed for high school students together with well designed simulations in order to bring lessons which are highly interactive.

Visit the Science Teachers Lounge!This page is intended as a resource for secondary science instructors but will contain info useful to all teachers

Free reserach site for students aims at establishing contacts between people working on similar projects and giving them a unique coordination.

Latin language studies web site with a complete set of Latin inflection/accidence tables and several e-text books, including Tacitus's "Germania", the "Fabulae Aesopicae" of Gualterius Anglicus, and the "Monosticha and Disticha Moralia" of Dionysius Cato (along with an English translation published by Benjamin Franklin.) Both the grammar tables and the books are readable online as html or downloadable as ascii from a free ftp archive.

InterActive Teacher Online The online version of Interactive Teacher contains the full text of each issue, as well as a searchable index. The bimonthly magazine has features and departments on topics of interest to K-12 teachers. In addition to feature articles on various topics, each issue contains Teacher's Aid (lesson plans and ideas), Review Session (recaps of current events in public education), and TECHniques (information on technology in the classroom). Features on the web site include Study Hall, which offers links to educational resources on the Internet, including lesson plan archives. Still under development is the Teachers Lounge, which will provide an informal chat area for teachers.

Free educational site for K-12 students that contains colorful, easy to use information on computer terms. This site is safe and educational for students of all ages.

The Simplified Spelling Society - a group promoting the gradual adoption and greater use of some simpler spellings.

THE VIRTUAL ART SCHOOL A new learning experience. Visually-rich, interactive, tutor-supported design and art courses via e-mail. Free sample pages.

"Alchemy by Merlin" is a series of courses designed to teach chemistry over the Internet.Courses come with a hypertextbook and (via email and/or IRC) a teacher! Students range from the gifted 10 year old demanding advanced science education to the curious adult wishing to learn more about science. "Alchemy by Merlin" is designed specially with the needs of the home schooler in mind.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures Exploring Ancient World Cultures, provided by Evansville University, "is an introductory, on-line, college-level 'textbook' of ancient world cultures, constructed around a series of cultural pages consisting of: The Ancient Near East, Ancient India, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Early Islam, and Medieval Europe."

Get in touch with your creative side by browsing ArtSearch, The place on the net to search for Arts and Crafts. This site gathers links to artists and exhibitions on the Internet, and allows users to search for media, subjects, and artists.

Incredible Art Department
with the lesson plan section submitted by elementary, middle school, high school, and college art teachers. The site also offers links to the best school art on the Net, and a selected monthly school art room, featuring a gallery of that school's work. Users will also find links to elementary, secondary, and higher education art rooms and departments ("Art Stuff"), and a pointer to an art "site of the week."
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Gourmet World, produced by Internet World Broadcasting Corp., is an epicurean delight. The Culinary Center offers hundreds of recipes, organized geographically and by main ingredient, as well as pointers to the pages of over twenty renowned chefs. The Fine Dining Court presents restaurant reviews and restaurants by cuisine. The Library contains links to associations, cooking schools, conversion tables, and food information. Bon appetit!

Sporting a new look and user interface, as well as five hundred new quotations (and a new URL, so check your bookmark file!), the Quotations Page allows the user to search ten Internet quotation archives for keywords.

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The Jazz Photography Of Ray Avery Web site at the University of California - Irvine offers a multimedia collection of information about jazz in the U.S. during the middle of this century.

Greatest Films of All Time Greatest Films of All Time is a loving tribute to great films, provided by Tim Dirks. Here you can find plot information on hundreds of classic films, arranged by year, genre, and title. Also, there are sections on memorable film quotations (which are linked to the movie they came from), as well as great scenes. Possibly the best part of the entire site is the large bibliography of film reference books. The only drawback to the site is that it is not searchable. Are these the best films of all time? Half the fun of this site is comparing your list to Mr. Dirks'.

Two of the better sites for interested Internauts to follow the 49th Cannes Film Festival are the Official Cannes Film Festival site and the Le Monde Cannes site.

One of the highlights of the Dance Links Web site at Purdue University, compiled mainly from information provided by dance videographer Amy Reusch, is the The National Geographic Society site, updated daily, provides highlights from the Society's three print magazines: National Geographic, World, and Traveler. Also included: the Map Machine, which provides political and physical maps of the world; Flashback, which allows the viewer to see photographs and maps from the NGS archives; and Gold Mine, an archive of questions and answers from NGS members and others. Users may also send a virtual postcard with an NGS photograph to anyone with an email address. The site's search engine is not yet implemented, but there is the NGS Publication Index, which includes listings for National Geographic magazines, books, and videos. Registration, free of charge, is offered but not required to view the site.
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Nobel Prize Internet Archive offers a collection of annotated links to all past winners in the fields of physics, chemistry, literature, peace, economics, and physiology & medicine. The maintainers of the site encourage submissions of links. Prize winner information is available both by year and alphabetically. This site is a very useful reference for those interested in information on Nobel laureates.

A page devoted to the art of Japanese flower arranging will give you the history of this ancient craft, as well as help you find out how to get involved. Each school of Ikebana is described in detail, and represented by a photograph of a sample arrangement.

Alfred Hitchock, The Master of Suspense, is a topic well-covered on the Web site of the same name. Besides a biography and complete filmography with links to available Web sites for each of his movies, there is a page devoted to his "Wit and Wisdom" (memorable quotes), a listing of his trademark cameo scenes in each movie, and a collection of links to pages about his stars, collaborators, and students, which include Francois Truffaut, Mel Brooks, Brian De Palma and Quentin Tarantino. A listing of TV showings of Hitchcock's movies and shows is available each month.

NASA's "Life on Mars?" (mirrored on 3 sites)

CNN Special Report--Mars: Life Signs?

NASA's official "Life on Mars?" site has press releases, photos, video, audio from press conferences, and background information on meteorites. In addition to articles, audio, and video, this page provides links to many official and non-official sites about this discovery, Mars, and even meteorites in general (including Meteorite Central, which accepts advertisements for meteorites for sale).

Random House has built a gorgeous, interactive educational experience for children, adults, and teachers interested in the living history of U.S. elections.

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