The regional informational and educational center
This project is realied by the Wide- Area Network of
Southern Ural State University and regional FREEnet center
with the suport of the
Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation .

The project "Regional school informational center" is devoted to the creation of the center of spreading of the pedogogical and informational technologies based on the modern achievements in the sphere of telecommunications.

The project is realized in three directions :

  1. Creation of the ground for testing in local conditions of various noveltics in the sphere of the informational service and modern telecommunications, which could become a basis for the development of the regional informational net of the educational establishments.

  2. Generation of the informational system with the foundation of data, which contain the materials necessary for regional school organizations for realization of educational and administrative activity.

  3. Creation of the educational systematic centre in purpose to develop in region the system of remote education to give training to teachers and schoolchildren to use new informational technologies
    (including Internet) in educational process.

This project is provided by the Wide - Area Network of Chelyabinsk State Technical University in collaboration with:

As a result of carrying this project out this Center will become a binding link of regional school organisations with analogous Russian and foreign informational systems, and extend the abilities of direct access to the international informational space.

The informational server of the Centre contains various materials: electronic textbooks for teachers and schoolchildren, home-pages of schools and plans of territorial administrative departments of education, and school newspapers, the pages of children's poets and composers and a lot of information of different time.

All the remarks and suggestions, connected with the realization of given project can be adressed to its coordinator Victor Krivoshokov.