Our participants


The crews of our region repeatedly took part in European festivals:
in Germany: 1993, Potsdam -- school N 123;
1994, in Berlin -- school N 5 (Satka) and school N 31 (Chelyabinsk);
1995 -- school N 58 (Chelyabinsk);
1996 The Children's Palace of creation "Ostrov"(Miass) and school N 26 (Miass);
and in world final in USA: 1993, state Maryland -- school-lyceum N 11;
1994, state Iowa -- school-gymnasium N 26 and The Children's Palace of creation "Ostrov" (Miass);
1994, State Tennessee -- The Children's Palace of creation "Ostrov" (Miass);
1996, State Iowa -- school-gymnesium N 26 (Chelyabinsk) and The Children's Palace (Verchniy Ufaley).

The Winners of the world final of The Odyssey -95 in USA the Children's Palace "Ostrov" (Miass)
The participants of the World final - 96 from the crew of the Children's Palace of creation Verchniy Ufaley city.

In our regional competitions the crews from Germany, Poland, Troitsk (Moscow region), Kazachstan and Kazan, Noyabrsk (Tumen region) took part. Our international relatious grow annualy - also the responsibility for the organisation and conducting the contest grow.

In present time a lot of scholars from the institution of higher education of the city and its regions (Chelyabinsk Technical University, Chelyabinsk Teacher's Training University, The Academy of Medecine, The Chelyabinsk institute of art and culture) take part in the realization of the programme. The scholars helped with the training of crew's coaches, with translation of methodical materials, etc.