About the programme


"The Odyssey of Mind " -- is an international programme of all-round development of child's creative personality, the core of which consist in solution of one of five programmes set for the current year. The problem represents a technical or humanitarian task, the solution of which demands untraditional methods and approaches. The package of documents, including fomulation of tasks, requirements to the solution, is sent from the international association "The Odyssey of Mind" in the beginning of the school year. During the year the children are seeking for the solution, which they present consecutively on the selection tours of the contest -- in schools, in the regions of the city, regional and world.
According to the international rales the task is chosen and solved by the crew of children or teenagers under the guidance of a coach. The crew must consist of 6-7 persons aged from 5 to 22. The grade of the quality of solution is conducted by the judges inside each task in four age groups (5-10, 11-13, 14-18,19-22).

Irrespective of the chosen problem for solution, its demonstration must be represented on the stage during the limited time (as a rule 8 minutes) and must be staged as a finished show (literary, musically and atristically).

Besides this contest, the crew of children takes part in one more contest which is called spontaneous contest. They offer to the children only one problem, which must be solved during 1-2 minutes. The problem may be "verbal", the solution of which is presented in the names of the objects, qualities of materials, their usage, synonyms and antonyms, etc, or "manual", where the children must fulfil the task with the help of the hands (e.g. task - from the offered material to construct the longest bridge or the highest tower, etc.)

The winner is the crew which have the maximal number of points, judging by the results of two contests.

As an example we prepare
The Exposition of French artists- impressionists
Their pictures were in the basis of the problem N 3 "The strong Impression" in 1996.