on the Internet

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections
(a free service to
help teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail
classroom pen-pal and project exchanges)

NickNacks offers
unique information on managing collaborative educational
projects on the Internet.

You can also find some sample projects at Yaroslavl Distance Learning site both in Russian
and English

If you want to learn more about
using telecommunications in a classroom and how to start and
run a telecommunication project
consult the first page of the
course on Telecommunicatons
for Schools
and see if you need
to apply for participation. (IN RUSSIAN!!!)

Friends and Partners was designed to promote better understanding between the
people of US and Russia.

About subscription to the TESL-L Electronic Discussion Forum for teachers of English as a second
or foreign language.

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General Interests Resources

English Resources on the Web

French Resources on the Web

Network Tools

Resources for Educators

Links to Russian and
English Online Guides on
Internet Resources

If you want to learn more on how to set up a Web page you can learn about it here or here

"A Language Professional's
Guide to the World Wide Web"

is an on-line version of the
article by Carolyn G.Fidelman. It contains basic explanations
about the Internet and the Web
as well as a guide to some sample sites. Lots of pictures
(but not too graphics heavy!)
and selected links.

This page is constructed for language teachers and for those interested in foreign languages and cultures to help them find useful links around WWW.

Foreign Languages Sites

International Language Department provides interactive language lessons in French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Select the language yu want to learn and try!

Internet Resources for Language Teachers

Department of Foreign Languages Home Page,
University of Arkansas Foreign Language Resources (provides resources for over 40 languages and countries)

Foreign Languagee Teaching Resources

Joint Language Training Center - Foreign Language Resources

Foreign Languages Newspapers and Magazines

Foreign Language News and Magazines

UNCG's News and Newspapers Online
with the collection of links to virtual newspapers and news sites from around the WWW

More News Papers Services Available on the Internet

Online Dictionaries and Language References